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Image of Crochet Cacto Cactus

Crochet Cacto Cactus

For all those people who have a killer green thumb.....welcome to Cato Cactus. Crochet cacti that you can’t kill - you will never have to water them, only give them a little dust now and then.

Each cactus is handmade and therefore imperfect in a perfect kind of way. No cacti will be the same as another. Sizes are in a general range and the measurement is of the cactus (not including the pot). The cacti are made from a combination of wool, acrylic and cotton yarns. All the cacti come with a removable flower and are securely potted into terracotta pots with white rocks. The pots are painted with copper detailing unless requested otherwise.
I make each cactus to order, so your order will look slightly different to the picture shown.

Please message the colour you would like.... otherwise i will just make a green one for you.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after order is placed.

Small: 10-13 cm
Medium: 14-20cm

Please check out my Instagram page @Cacto_Cactus for a full range of my cacti.

I am happy to craft unique orders - so please contact me if you are interested.

Image of Crochet Cacto Cactus
Image of Crochet Cacto Cactus
Image of Crochet Cacto Cactus
Image of Crochet Cacto Cactus