Cacto Cactus was founded in 2015 through the pure desire to create for the sake of creating. Crocheting Cacti was one of my favourite past-times, it only seemed natural to start selling them.

In 2016 I put down the crochet hook and picked up the paint brush. The "Lady Slider" series are inspired by the ocean's fluidity, fragility and natural grace of women surfers. This series is truly a reflection of the joy I find in the ocean. 

I paint predominately in acrylic as I love how it mixes with water; creating outcomes that are not entirely predictable. The addition of spray-paint, old surf magazines, paint pens, ink and resin all help create the finishing touches.

In the hope of getting people to think about the impact we have on the ocean and the environment, messages of the oceans vulnerability and sustainable living are relayed throughout the paintings via articles that are cut from old surf magazines.

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Amanda Davidson x